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Granville Eco-Smart

Granville Homes continues to lead the way in energy-efficient and eco-friendly building technologies in the Central Valley. Our Eco-Smart Technology provides homeowners with a more comfortable home that is up to 30 percent more efficient than other new homes.



Steel Reinforced Concrete Foundation

A steel grid of rebar and an enhanced concrete mixture add to the structural strength of Granville Homes and reduce the efforts of cracking in the foundation systems.

High Value Low E Windows

Our High Value Vinyl Low E windows, which provide a great level of protection, reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home as well as the fading of carpeting and drapes.

2×6 Exterior Walls

By using 2×6 studs with 24” spacing rather than the common 2×4 studs with 16” spacing, we are able to add 56% more wall insulation to your home. This result in dramatically quieter interiors, added comfort and big energy savings.

Reduced Volume Attics with Wider Overhangs

By extending overhangs by 50% and reducing the amount of attic space in our homes, we have lowered the volume of hot air that can accumulate in the attic – resulting in a cooler home during those long, scorching summers.

Blown-In Insulation with 2×6 walls

Our formaldehyde free, blown-in wall insulation provides better performance than the common batt insulation used in most new homes. This insulation, our 2×6 wall system and foam wrapped exteriors provide a R27.9 insulation factor and a quieter home.

Cool Roof Technology

Our concrete tile roofs, with revolutionary reflective coating, dramatically reduce the amount of heat reaching your attic and allow roof tiles to cool off much faster in the evenings, reducing your air conditioning costs by 10% – 30%.

Insulating Foam on Exterior Walls

We wrap insulation foam boards around all exterior walls in order to add to the insulation value of our exterior walls, provide better efficiency and create an additional moisture barrier.

Tankless Water Heater

Our tankless water heaters heat water only when needed, not 24/7 like tank water heaters. This reduces the energy usage and provides endless hot water, so cold showers are a thing of the past, even in large, busy households.

R40 Ceiling Insulation

We add deep R40 ceiling insulation instead of the typical R30 insulation to your attic in order to provide a more comfortable, more energy efficient home.

Low VOC Paint and Stain

The EPA states that Volatile Organic Compounds are the leading cause of indoor air pollution, which is why we use Low VOC paints and stains. Not only do they provide maximum performance, but dramatically reduce toxins and provide a cleaner environment.

Tight Air Ducts

We install Tight Air Ducts, which are double sealed and then buried in insulation, as well as a room to room pressure relief jump duct system in our homes in order to provide greater comfort and energy efficiency.

High Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning

Our 14 seer air conditioning units and 92% annual fuel utilization efficiency furnace, combined with a touch-screen programmable thermostat, maximize energy efficiency in our homes.

Solid Sheathed Exterior Walls

Although it’s not required, we sheath the exterior walls of the entire living space of the home to provide additional structural strength and to reduce air infiltration and moisture.

Low Water Usage Landscape

Our landscape design groups drought tolerant, native plant species with similar water needs in the same watering zone to reduce water usage.

Double Wrapped Exterior Walls

We double wrap our exterior walls with two layers of 60 minute building paper to provide a more effective barrier from harmful exterior moisture.

Construction Recycling

Currently between 80% and 90% of our construction waste is sorted and recycled. We are always working to find additional ways to increase that percentage and reduce stress on our nation’s landfills.

Solar Sync Auto-Adjusting Irrigation System

The Hunter Solar Sync weather-based irrigation system senses the weather and automatically adjusts your sprinklers accordingly, saving water and providing your yard with optimal irrigation.