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45 Years of Building with Love and Passion

At Granville, building homes has been our legacy. But what is most important to us is why we build: We want to deliver the best quality of life possible to residents of the Central Valley. It is our hope that we can make this area a better place to live, work and play.

We have built over 7,000 homes in the Central Valley, spanning more than four decades. But what gives us an immense sense of fulfillment is knowing we are contributing to the improvement of schools, building healthier communities and helping to generate social awareness.

We are committed to this mission, and everything we do derives from our core principles. We know it isn't just about building a better home, but creating a brighter future for all we serve. Each of our homes will forever be known as a "Granville," and for this legacy we are grateful. We will continue to design, build and serve with love and passion.

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