COVID-19 Relief - Granville Homes
The Granville Homes Central Valley COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Your new home purchases in April & May helped to raise $160,000 for local COVID-19 relief.

Granville Homes has been honored to be a part of the Central Valley for over 40 years.

We owe our success to the support of our homeowners and our community, and we are committed to paying that goodwill back to our community whenever possible.

Now that our health, economy and daily lives are being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to support our neighbors.

In April, Granville Homes committed to donating $5,000 per home through the Granville Homes Central Valley COVID-19 Relief Initiative through May 31.

As the program comes to an end we are excited to share that a total of $160,000 has been distributed to three outstanding nonprofit organizations supporting areas of critical need in our community:

FOOD INSECURITY: While food insecurity is a year-round issue for many people, food banks across the nation have seen a huge surge in people relying on their services due to health issues and sudden loss of employment. The Central California Food Bank has received $80,000 to help provide basic necessities to struggling families in our Valley.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: In times of stress and financial struggle, incidents of domestic violence drastically increase. Local domestic abuse hotlines have seen a 70% rise in calls since self-isolation has gone into effect. The Marjaree Mason Center received $32,000 to provide safe spaces, crisis support and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence in Fresno and Clovis.

MEDICAL NEEDS: From procuring Personal Protective Equipment to finding services for our first responders on the front lines, the medical needs in our community are staggering. Alliance for Medical Outreach and Relief (AMOR) has received $48,000 to work with medical organizations across the Valley to get funds and resources distributed to medical staff.

The Granville Homes Central Valley COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Thank you again for being a member of the Granville family. Together, we can improve lives and spread hope across our Valley.

Darius Assemi,
President, Granville Homes