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Granville Eco-Smart™

Granville Homes continues to lead the way in energy-efficient and eco-friendly building technologies in the Central Valley. Our Eco-Smart Technology provides homeowners with a more comfortable home that is up to 30 percent more efficient than other new homes.*

Eco-Smart™ Home Features

Granville Eco-Smart™ Home

Integrates 2×6 studs that provide an amazing 56% larger insulation area – resulting in significant comfort and energy savings advantages over other builders who use 2×4 studs in their exterior walls. Another way Granville Eco-Smart out-performs other new homes.

Wire mesh backing for adhesion and reduction of cracking. Enhanced exterior appearance.

Two layers of high grade building paper for added moisture protection.

3/8″ OSB Plywood on all exterior walls to reduce air infiltration providing a safer and more comfortable home.

56% increase in insulation capacity over traditional 2×4 construction, adding substantial structural strength.

Additional insulation value, noise reduction and moisture protection.

R27.9 cavity insulation factor with gap-free coverage, providing substantial energy savings and a quieter interior for your home.

Our system has been specifically designed for the Central Valley’s climate. While most new home builders are building more ‘Green’, Granville Eco-Smart takes it to the next level providing you a more comfortable home with lower energy expenses.

Concrete tile with special coating that reflects heat away from the attic, reducing A/C usage up to 30%. *per plan

High performance synthetic roofing paper provides superior moisture protection and is eco-friendly.

Less attic area results in less hot air in the attic and reduces heat transfer to the house.

Ducts are routed down under insulation wherever possible to protect conditioned air from attic heat.

33% wider overhangs provide additional shade to exterior walls, helping to naturally cool the home.

Deep insulation to provide added comfort and energy savings.

Steel rebar embedded in an enhanced concrete mix for added strength and reduced cracking.

Coated glass reflects both heat and ultra-violet rays away from the home for added efficiency.

80-90% of Granville’s construction waste is recycled in our construction recycle and re-use program.

Attractive 8′ tall doors provide better durability and performance without depleting forests.

Water is delivered slowly and directly to the roots of your plants, and less water is lost to wind drift, evaporation and runoff.

Zoned landscape design with drought-tolerant plants for beauty and water savings.

Realistic synthetic grass in your front yard looks great year-round while cutting your water usage.

Weather-based irrigation system senses the weather and automatically adjusts accordingly, reducing unnecessary water usage.

Decorative fixtures that provide better performance and energy savings.

Provides a more comfortable garage area and reduces heat transfer to home.

Multiple programming modes for added comfort and savings while providing ease of use.

High 15 SEER rating for better A/C performance and efficiency. 95% AFU for better heating performance.

These solar panels power your home efficiently and cleanly. It’s like having your very own Eco-Smart power plant.

Granville Eco-Smart™

Designed with the future in mind.

*Granville Eco-Smart features may be subject to manufacturer availability, in which case specific materials may be substituted with similar replacement material or alternate construction techniques. See agent for details.