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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how much a homeowner loves their Granville. If you want to know what it's like to be part of the Granville family, take the tour through these experiences.

Paul Birrell

“When I called Granville I left a message, I was thinking somebody will call me back in the next few days. And fifteen minutes later I got a call and thirty minutes later somebody was at my house. You cannot beat that, you really cannot.”

– Paul Birrell  ❚  WATCH VIDEO ▸

Hugo Montano

“Main reason why I purchased Granville homes was because of the customer service. With any question we had, we didn’t have to run around. They get directly to the point.”

– Hugo Montano  ❚  WATCH VIDEO ▸

The Strbevskis

“Being first time home buyers we always heard about how stressful buying a house can be and with Granville they put the fun and excitement back in buying!”

– Jasminka & Goce Strbevski

Debra Price

“I drove out and met Jan at the models, walked through and I knew this is it! It was perfect and I was sold right then and there.”

– Debra Price

Obinna Calijo

“…Granville has given me a home-buying experience that I wish on everyone who ventures to buy a home.”

– Obinna Calijo

The Mendozas

“After looking at many homes, new and used, nothing compares to Granville!”

– Jesse & Jessica Mendoza

Deena Papagni

“The purchase of our Granville was such a great decision. The value we received for the price we paid and the energy efficiency of the home enable us to do so much more with the money we have saved. We love our Granville!”

– Deena Papagni

Lily & Marco

“Thanks again for making our engagement memorable!”

– Lily & Marco

Stefanie Villanueva

“After viewing almost every builder in Fresno, we have found the attention to detail Granville puts into their homes is unmatched. We truly believe we have found our dream home and could not be more pleased with the Granville team. Thank you!”

– Stefanie Villanueva

Lupe Mora

“My June 2010 PG&E bill was only $54. I was hoping it would be low, but I had no idea it would be that low! I was so happy!”

– Lupe Mora

The Whitteds

“We wanted to buy from a builder with a name we knew, a name we could trust!”

– Bob & Lola Whitted

Robert & Rachel Llamas

“We are 100% satisfied with our Granville Home and the Granville team is amazing!”

– Robert & Rachel Llamas

The Fullbrights

“We were very impressed with the construction and the employees. We decided to downsize, so we looked at ALL of the new homes that were being built in Fresno. The best homes we looked at were Granville.”

– James & Ginger Fullbright

Megan Otto

“My PG&E bill was only $19.89! I love my Granville home.”

– Megan Otto